How Does Your State Score?

fertilityEach year, the national infertility association RESOLVE releases a score for each state’s progress in dealing with infertility. This year’s results are in:

The four things the scoring was based on are as follows:
–the number of fertility doctors at accredited clinics
–state insurance mandates (or lack thereof)
–the number of peer-led RESOLVE infertility support groups
–the number of women in the state who experienced physical difficulty getting pregnant or carrying a pregnancy to term


What gave the top states the highest scores? “These states all have a pretty decent IVF insurance mandate, so that made all the difference,” according to RESOLVE president and CEO Barb Collura. According to the map, many states have room for improvement. The map also shows which states are at a critical action point by denoting them with a blue dot. This means that this state currently has legislation that RESOLVE is worried about and they want you as the state’s inhabitants to get involved. This could happen through starting a peer-led support group, lobbying for change, or spreading the word about infertility and its struggles as well as the help available.


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