Teach Students About Fertility As Well

The American sex education curriculum for middle school students is taught all across the country. In high school and college anatomy and biology classes, students have the opportunity to learn even more about the human body. But medical professionals today think this isn’t enough. Students should be taught about their fertility as well, things such as when in a woman’s cycle conception has the best chance of happening and what to do if you are unable to get pregnant.


Dr. Geeta Nargund, medical director of CREATE Fertility in London, thinks that while it’s good that children are taught about sex, the information is very basic. For example, many people, both boys and girls, are unaware of what ovulation is and when to tell that it is occurring. If even this simple fact is unknown, how much other information is also unknown for students!


She says, “We have been successful in reducing teenage pregnancies through education on contraception. Sex and relationship education is for now and fertility education is for the future. Conception and contraception are two sides of the same coin. We need to empower our young people with education on fertility, so that they can stand a better chance of falling pregnant when they choose to. Education empowers.” Dr. Nargund constantly sees devastated women coming to her saddened that they are unable to have children because they waited too long to start trying, unaware that they had a time limit. Her goal is to avoid this from happening.


If you have questions about your fertility or you have been unable to conceive, talk to your doctor today. You could soon be on the path to parenthood.


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