New Fertility Test is Winner of Contest

This past week, the Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan Contest was held and the grand prize winner, for the third year in a row, was a life sciences entry. Created by Katie Brenner, a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Doug Weibel, a UW-Madison biochemistry professor, this test would greatly improve the accuracy of a woman knowing when her prime fertile time is.


Most tests require urine as the fluid to test. This device, however, requires saliva; you put the device in your mouth as you would a thermometer, and the disposable paper strips attached to the end of it test the user’s saliva. Brenner says the device would “measure the levels of estradiol and progesterone in the saliva samples, two hormones tied to fertility.” It would also “predict ovulation, diagnose pregnancy, and identify hormonal issues that might be preventing a woman from getting pregnant.”


Another downfall of most home ovulation tests is that they inform you of your two- to six-day optimal fertile window after that window has already passed. Brenner’s device, which is synced with a mobile app, gives you current updates about your fertility.


The FDA is currently testing this device for approval; it could ideally be on shelves within the next two years. If you are currently experiencing an inability to get pregnant, talk to your doctor today. Find out how you can overcome this roadblock so you can achieve your dream of having a child.


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