Get a Fertility Boost by Eating Soy

Those of you who are now consulting advanced reproductive technologies (ART) to help you get pregnant are no stranger to the advice of people hoping to help by giving you conception tips, be it about food, exercise or positions to try.


One food that has been researched and has been found to positively impact a woman’s ability to get pregnant is soy. Because soy contains the chemical phytoestrogen, it has the ability to actually change the hormone balance of a woman’s body and make her body more receptive to conception.


In the most recent study on this food, “researchers looked at the dietary choices in a group of 315 women that ultimately completed 520 ART cycles in 2013. They found that the eggs from women that were eating foods that contained soy had a higher fertilization rate. More specifically, they found that the clinical pregnancy rate was 11% higher and live birth rate was 13% higher for the soy group after they were age-matched with women who did not eat soy. In fact, women who were consuming the most amount of soy had a nearly 80% higher chance of success.”


Every case is unique. Talk to your doctor today about if increasing the amount of soy in your diet would be beneficial for you. Soon, you could achieve your dream of having a child.


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